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All 1/1 appointments will be given priority and are usually scheduled within a few weeks. While these designs are pre-sketched, they are essentially custom pieces- the piece is yours and only yours.

As the pages are finished they are posted to instagram and immediately become available for the following weekend. The tattoo is chosen during the appointment and carefully placed on the body in a location that feels balanced and follows the natural movement of the body. Once the design is selected, it is marked off with a dot and will never be tattooed again. Please keep this in mind, as these designs tend to go quickly.

Trust that which ever design is meant for you will be available during your appointment time. Six hundred tattoos later, and I can confirm that it always seems to work out this way :)

** Please do not book a 1/1 appointment and then show up asking for something custom, I will not take your request. What is in the book is what is available for tattooing during these appointments. 

Additional info regarding this process can be found on the FAQ page.

The Process.


Please email using the contact form with subject title "1/1" to get in for an appointment to get something out of my book. These appointments usually can be scheduled with a pretty quick turn around time, so if you have specific dates in mind, please include them in the email. I'll send you a link to confirm an appointment time. Once you submit your info through the link, please keep an eye out for the follow up message as it contains important info to help you prepare for the appointment.


Please be punctual. I cannot stress this enough! This will allow you maximum time to pick the design and placement - two decisions that should never be rushed! Once the design is selected, the stencil is traced onto transfer paper and then transferred to your skin. Once we get the design placed in the perfect spot, I give you some time to move around with the stencil on your skin before we start so that you can see how it will live on your body.



At the end of the appointment, I'll clean the area. Then, if approved by you, I'll snap some photos of your new tattoo! After we get the shot, I'll moisturize and cover the area and go over important care information before you head out. I'm always just an email away, so if you forget to ask something before you leave, just DM or email me and I'll get back to you with an answer as soon as I can. Please also check the FAQ and Care page, as the answer to your question may already be listed there.

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