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Where to Eat (and Drink).

A breakdown for any type of drink or meal, any time of day

Coffee Shops

De Fer -  The Strip District

La Prima - The Strip District

Field Day - Lawrenceville

Espressa A Mano - Lawrenceville

KLVN Coffee Lab - Bakery Square

Commonplace - Multiple Locations

4121 Main - Bloomfield

Adda - Garfield

Redstart Roasters - East Liberty

Treats + Dessert

Millie's Ice cream - Lawrenceville

Natu-Roll Ice cream - Lawrenceville

Butterwood Bakery- Lawrenceville

La Gourmandine - Lawrenceville

Oliver's Donuts - Lawrenceville

Enrico's Biscotti - The Strip District

Prantl's Bakery - Shadyside

Rooftop Bars

Sienna Mercado -  Downtown

Over Eden (The Tryp) - Lawrenceville

New Amsterdam - Lawrenceville

Field Day (Events Only) - Lawrenceville

Biergarten (Kimpton) - Downtown

The Summit - Mt Washington

The Grandview Saloon - Mt Washington

Cinderland's Warehouse - Strip District

Mario's East Side Saloon - Shadyside

Dinner - Need RSVP

Apteka - Lawrenceville/Bloomfield

Baby Loves Tacos - Bloomfield

Pusadee's Garden - Lawrenceville

Umami - Lawrenceville

The Vandal - Lawrenceville

Poulet Bleu - Lawrenceville

Morcilla - Lawrenceville

Merchant Oyster - Lawrenceville

Di'Anoia's - The Strip District

Juice, Smoothies, + Tea

Live Fresh - North Side

Pittsburgh Juice Co. - Lawrenceville

Kahuna - East Liberty

Clean Juice - East Liberty

Bantha Tea House -  Garfield

Drinks + Cocktails

Grapperia Wine Bar - Lawrenceville

Bar Botanico - Lawrenceville

Tina's -  Lawrenceville/ Bloomfield

Con Alma Jazz Club - Multiple Locations

Coop De Ville - The Strip District

Wigle Whiskey - The Strip District

Lorelei - East Liberty

Dinner With a View

Grand Concourse - Station Square

Altius -  Mt Washington

Monterey Fish Grotto - Mt Washington

Coughlin's Law - Mt Washington

Over Eden - Lawrenceville

Redfin Blues - In the Marina

The Foundry - North Side

Need RSVP Con't

Spork - Garfield

Meet and Potatoes - Downtown

Tako - Downtown

Gi-Jin - Downtown

Guacho - Downtown

Fig and Ash - North Side

Dish Osteria Bar - Southside

Muddy Waters Oyster Bar - East Liberty

Noodle Head - East Liberty

Best Breakfast

Kelly O's Diner - The Strip District

 DeLuca's Diner - The Strip District Pamela's Diner - Shadyside

Lola's - Lawrenceville

The Nook - Lawrenceville

Oak Hill Post - Brookline

Tupelo Honey Cafe - Downtown

The Speckled Egg - Downtown

Thyme Machine - Bloomfield

Breweries + Distilleries

Wigle Whiskey - The Strip District

Trace Brewing - Bloomfield

Cinderlands - Lawrenceville + The Strip

Church Brew Works - Lawrenceville

Arsenal Cider House - Lawrenceville

Coven Brewing - Lawrenceville

Eleventh Hour Brewing -  Lawrenceville

Hofbräuhaus - Southside

Walk-in Dinner

Soju - Garfield

Industry Public House - Lawrenceville

Condado Tacos - Lawrenceville

Piccolo Forno - Lawrenceville

Driftwood Oven - Lawrenceville

The Forge - Lawrenceville

Federal Galley - North Side

The Porch - Oakland

Tocayo - Shadyside

Pittsburgh Staples

Primanti Brothers - Multiple Locations

Gus & Yia Yia's Shaved Ice - North Side

Fat Heads - South Side

Page's Dairy Mart - South Side

Pamela's Diner - The Strip District

S&D Deli (Pierogis) - The Strip District

Penn. Macaroni Co. - The Strip District

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