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Design Process.


First of all, thank you for your interest in my work. I always am so honored when people come to me to create custom work! Please make sure the subject of your email is "Custom Piece". Please include: intended size (in inches!), possibilities for placement (including which side of the body), and your inspiration. Feel free to send your own mock up, inspiration images, or images of my work that you are particularly drawn to. The more specific, the better.


This is one of the most crucial parts of this entire process. Once I have the initial design down on paper, I will reach out to you for feedback. Please don't hold back! Remember: this is being designed FOR YOU, you being happy with the design is the main goal! After discussing the adjustments that need to be made, I will send you a revised version. We will continue to work in this manner until we finalize the design. Once the design is confirmed, we will schedule the appointment. 

Get Comfy.


Custom pieces are typically more intricate and require longe appointment times. Please take this into account when scheduling. Feel free to bring friends or companions for comfort, as well as food and something to drink if necessary.  The goal is for this to be the most relaxing tattoo experience possible, so kick off your shoes off, throw on some soothing tunes, and stay a while. Let's get to know each other.


Everything for custom pieces happens over email, I do not take in-person consultations. As this is a creative process, I typically design into requests as I feel compelled to do so.
If your project has been accepted, you'll hear back within a few weeks. Once we discuss all the details, I'll reach back out once I have something on paper. I welcome all feedback. Please be honest and don't hold back when I ask for your thoughts. This is being created specifically for you, it usually has personal meaning, and is permanent. We will go back and forth with notes and edits until we are both happy with the design. 
Once you're scheduled, please block out a decent amount of time for the appointment. This is not something you want me to rush! Custom pieces are typically more intricate and just remember, the entirety of the tattoo is created dot by dot by hand!

Base Price: $300

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